Since I am so technologically savvy, someone here at work suggested that I do a "Buzz's App of the Week" post. "That's a great idea!", said not a single other person who knows me.

I do have one new app that I've been having waaaaay more than 99 cents worth of fun with. It's called Morfo and for less than 1/7  the price of a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino® Light Blended Beverage, you can make photos of you, your friends, or even George-on-the-dollar-bill Washington look like they're saying what ever you damn well see fit for them to say.

As an example, look at this video of my boss, Townsquare-El Paso G.M. Brad Dubow, telling Lauren the Local and Stephanie the Corporate Computer Babes that I no longeram required to write posts for the website.


Isn't that great?!? You don't even have to get the person you want to Morfo to let you take a picture of them. You can use any picture you can find. At only 99 cents and so easy that I made that video in less than 90 seconds, start to finish, Morfo is my....App of the Week.

Please note: App of the Week will not be a weekly feature.

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