As I sifted through hundreds of photos from Balloonfest 2013, I realized our team took some great behind the scenes shots of the bands and VIP section. It reminded me how  normal rockstars can be. Heck, they’re just like us!

The guys of Young Guns loved the idea of barbecuing, concerts, and water rides all in one spot that they asked to go buy food to cook themselves instead of having food brought to them. Rock on, guys!

But there was one problem. No one gave them any tongs! WIth a little ingenuity, Simon decided to use some drumsticks.

But, we found them some tongs after all. Not soon enough to save the drumsticks from a fiery, barbecued death.

While that was going on, we convinced Buzz Adams to put a snake around his neck. He was terrified.

Glenn took some inspiration from Tremonti on his trailer door.

Our staff let snakes hangout on their crotch. No biggie.

Halestorm ordered some food from Great American Land and Cattle Company. Mmm. Ranchero burger. It’s nice to see Lzzy likes a little heat on her burger.

And my favorite photo of the weekend. A member of Murder FM carrying his daughter after a ragingly awesome show. Even the biggest of rockers still have time to play daddy, you know.