Even until this day I sing along to this song and remember the little girl dressed in the bee costume.

Remember back in the day when Mtv played music videos (instead of teen pregnancy shows)? Well, my brother used to tape them when they played their Top 100. One of the videos he has (on vhs, if any of you remember what that is) is the Blind Melon music video 'No Rain'. That video is so cute, my favorite part is when the Bee Girl wonders around and ends up over to where all these people are dressed in the bee costumes as well ... always gets me.

Bee Girl (Heather DeLoach) did the 'No Rain' video in 1992 and reprised the role again in 1993 for the "Bedrock Anthem", a "Weird Al" Yankovic video.

Heather DeLoach / Facebook


The little 'Bee Girl', DeLoach was chosen by video director Samuel Bayer to play the part because she looked very similar to Georgia Graham (Glen Grahams' sister - who is the one on the album cover). Now DeLoach all grown up is a business owner running Sweet Bee Candy Stations and Event Planning in Lake Forest, California.

Here is a little flashback for you all!



And for a little laugh