A lot of us have been dying to attend a good concert for a long time now. There's a long list of names of people who are regretting skipping their last concert opportunity before the pandemic. By mid-March 2020 is when we saw everything just come to a complete stop.

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After that time, places had to shut down, tours were rescheduled then eventually canceled. Hence, why I am so glad I jumped at the opportunity to see KISS when they performed at Don Haskins Center last year in March. Now, this Saturday, May 29 you can experience those concert feels and invite the bands into your home.

Metallica, Corey Taylor along with his other bands (Slipknot and Stone Sour), Deftones, and Volbeat will be this Saturday's concert lineup. So instead of worrying about leaving early to find good parking, you can just kick back at home. Dos Equis presents KLAQ's Maytallica Mayhem Festival that allows you to invite this sick lineup to your home.

So, if you've been missing those concert feels, don't let this concert slip away like your last opportunity. A lineup such as this would sell out quickly in El Paso, but we're hooking you up for free. Now there are some who love every single act on the lineup and there are others who have a limited selection.

I have seen all our musical guests on the lineup in concert except for Corey Taylor solo. A year ago was the last concert I attended which feels like cat years to me. If you want more information about KLAQ's Maytallica Mayhem Festival just click here. So come party with us and the rest of the gang (Metallica, Corey Taylor, Deftones, and Volbeat) Saturday, May 29. Whether you love the entire lineup and or have a limited selection, pick the option you're excited for below.

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