If Chico the chihuahua, Paydirt Pete, Spike The Rhino, and Amigo Sunman were in a battle of the mascots, who's back you got? I would have a hard time deciding between Paydirt Pete and Amigo Sunman. I have nothing against Chico it's just that me, Paydirt Pete, and Amigo Sunman go way back. A lot of you also go way back and remember just Amigo Sunman in your childhood. While others only remember Paydirt Pete and the newest mascots that we recently adopted. Spike the Rhino has been around way longer than Chico the chihuahua. But my son who wasn't around with Paydirt Pete or Amigo Sunman only knows of Chico the chihuahua. So if there were a battle of the mascots for the mascot of the year who would win your vote? There may be some of you are the "out with the old in with the new" type. Then there's also the kind that will stick to vintage for their entire life. Just like there's a battle of the bands there should be a battle of the mascots. That battle would basically show us who can get the audience pumped up. Pick which mascot you would be rooting for to win the battle of the mascots below.

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