Everyone has their choice of alcohol that leaves them enjoying the taste as well as the feel. If you had to pick what type of beverage you would rather drink based on taste, which would you rather swallow?

Besides music being these artists passion, they also have another love which is creating a delectable beverage. There are plenty of beer and wine drinkers in El Paso, but would like to know which type has more fans. Yes, wine is pricey but if you didn't have a price limit what selection would you gravitate towards without hesitation? The Trooper is brewed at the Unicorn Brewery that brews their special Trooper ale. Now as for Maynard James Keenan, his creation Caduceus Wine that's made in a small town known as Jerome, Arizona. His wine was rated a 91 out of a 100 from Wine Spectator Magazine.

Which would you rather drink out of the Trooper beer or Caduceus wine, take the poll!


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