Hey guys, let's have a conversation. Have you noticed the "new" look of barbershops don't look like the one's of yester-year? Me too! Now those "old" fashioned cold white shops are still around, but the technique and artistry has improved greatly!!

Sometimes the things that seem old fashioned really aren't but just upgraded to more modern look and feel. Yes, you can still receive a hot towel to go along a close shave and it's still very reasonably priced. The difference is the more attention to detail barber's today have created and live by. Believe that. Women can have there over priced salons, I'll take a barber's chair any day of the week. Every generation has it's look and hair styles but the artistry behind you is more than practice, it takes talent.

Men deserve to be pampered too so for us going to get our edge cleaned up, is kind of like going to our happy place. So do yourself a favor, go and check out your local barber's and marvel at the style these hair wizards are capable of!

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