Ever wonder why you hear a lot of older rock on radio stations? I think it's probably because the music business has a thing or two to do with it. Mostly, young bands don't have the staying power of let's say Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest just to name a few.

Generations of rock from the very beginning have had to work hard but it seems that older bands know the equation that makes their rock last. That's why songs from these artists will still feel relevant even when we are a lot grayer in color. Creating that magic that pushes an artist to tap into their soul feels more sacred with every note.

These power house artists also have more money to help their creativity grow. The life and times of being in rock these days seems worth the struggle, if you ask me. If I wasn't doing something in rock my life would definitely be road bound. My creativity transforms and gets more worth the blood, sweat , and tears everyday just like bands of yester-year!