Balloonfest 2012 is right around the corner!!

Between now and Memorial Day Weekend I'm going to devote some of these posts to Balloonfest memories here at and on the balloonfest facebook page!

We've had a lot of fun at Wet N Wild over the years and there are a billion stories. 

Some weird. (Like the year the balloon I was in came down on La Tunas' grounds.  Not actually in the prison, but on their land.  Close enough that we got a visit .. and some help! ... from a few heavily armed guards.)

Some funny. (The funny stories are the best and there are sooo many to tell.  From dropping cell phones out of balloons during call ins to "fishing for ducks" ... that was an acccident mind you. Totally unintentional ...  to trying to escort drunk rock stars around the park with them getting mobbed, on stage late and/or beaten up!  The list goes on and on.

Some strange. (Ok, in a way they are ALL strange!)

There may even be video of a few of these!  Keep checking in here at and on the KLAQ facebook page to read some of the best ones over the next couple of weeks from me and the other guys.

Balloonfest 2012 ... it's coming up quick and it's going to RAAWWWK!!