We almost had some serious contenders for the 2018 Darwin Awards. Fortunately, they didn’t die. Unfortunately, they still remain a part of the gene pool.

It’s a group, possibly a family of tourists at one of those wild-life safari parks that you drive your car through. This one is in The Netherlands and the tourists are French. When I read that part of the story the fact that they weren’t Americans really made my day. Much more than it should have, to be honest. But, hey…It’s moronic and IT’S NOT US! So, a win’s a win.

In this video you see the family get out of their car…the car that is the only thing between them and deadly big cats. They take some pictures of a bunch of cheetahs and then, as if to say “Hey, Fate, didn’t you notice us tempting you?” they drive a little further and AGAIN get out of their car to take more pictures. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The lady has a young child in her arms as the cheetahs come over to protect their domain.

I’ve been to one of these parks before. The only message they tell you more than “DON’T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!” is, “DON’T FORGET TO VISIT THE SOUVENIR SHOP ON YOUR WAY OUT!”

Fortunately, this story has two happy endings: 1.) nobody got eaten and 2.) NOT AMERICANS.

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