It was awesome to see someone from the big bend taking a real interest in El Paso! This man recorded his tour around El Paso and of course had Marty Robbin's playing in the background.

Charles Coushaine published this under 5 minutes video of their tour around El Paso, Texas. They did do a lot of driving but were very excited to see what El Paso has to offer. Thankfully El Paso has been getting bigger and building more entertainment attractions like Top Golf and the Aquatic Center. One area he really enjoyed was near the Wells Fargo bank which had old paintings of boxers on the building wall. He was thrilled to see what he saw downtown like the train under the city, the shops, the baseball stadium and much more. This couple also couldn't go without having a bite to eat at one of our well known local steak restaurants.

It's always fun and interesting to see someone else tour a city you've known your entire life!



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