For the first time ever, a glow-in-the-dark playground is coming to the DFW area of Texas.

I don't know what it is about playgrounds and parks, but they always seemed more thrilling and exciting in the nighttime; maybe it's because in the summer, the Texas heat is intense during the day so going to the park at night was a much better option.

Power Lai via Unsplash
Power Lai via Unsplash

Well, now a community in Dallas County will be one of the first to experience a glow in the dark playground opening this summer!

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Where Will the Glow in the Dark Playground be Located?

Oran Good Park in Farmer's Branch, TX. (a city in Dallas County) will be the host of the very "Joya at Oran Good Park". Joya- which literally translates to "jewel" in Spanish- will be the "crown jewel of playgrounds" with the first ever glow in the dark playground. Joya will be an "inclusive glow playground that, while fun in the daytime, will come alive at night with interactive features that glow, allowing for day and evening play."

FBTV via YouTube
FBTV via YouTube

When Will the Glow in the Dark Playground in Texas Open?

Joya at Oran Good Park is set to have an opening date in late August, which is still hot in Texas!

Aside from the awesome nighttime glow, Joya will also feature activities for the whole family and will also offer residents daytime and nighttime events all year round.

Check out this video of how Joya at Oran Park will look.

You can find out more about Joya at Oran Park here.

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