This is a tricky question as the answer depends on what kind of park it is and where it is.

It's a beautiful afternoon, you have the whole day off and there's a park right down the street. Get the dog's leash, grab your basketball, a book, whatever you like to do in parks and load up the cooler.

Wait, not so fast. A cold brew on a warm day in a nice place sounds great but, better do your homework. It's probably illegal.

Can You Drink Alcohol In A Texas State Park?

I say probably because drinking alcohol in Texas, in general, can be complicated.

First of all, don't do it in a Texas State Park.

That is a no - no. You can't drink it, you can't sell it, you can't even allow it to be seen. The law is pretty clear, (and pretty tough), on this one.

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Ok, How About Drinking Alcohol In a City Park?

Nothing beats a softball game followed by a few frosty beers and, as far as the state law goes, there are no laws on the books that forbid it. Seriously, the state of Texas has no law against drinking in public at all.

While there is no overarching statewide law prohibiting public alcohol consumption, local restrictions do apply in many areas. While it is illegal to drink in Texas state parks, some cities like Fredericksburg are known for their lax open-container policies. -

Local ordinances may prohibit drinking in certain areas, (whether it's a park or not), which can land you in hot, alcohol free, water. Do your homework before you crack anything open.

Remember, public intoxication is generally frowned upon everywhere.

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How Can You Find Out Where It Is Legal To Drink, In Public, In Texas?

Typically, cities can only ban drinking alcohol within a certain area, usually defined as the central business district.

There are still a lot of grey areas when it comes to drinking in public so be careful. For drinking in El Paso city parks, the short answer is no.

The TABC website, is probably the best place to get the lowdown on the super  complicated drinking laws in Texas. Learn more weird alcohol laws here.

See where other states stand on the subject here.

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