Last month, the city of Houston showed a HUGE amount of love for El Paso by opening up their own El Paso-style restaurant. Well there's another Texas city showing love for El Paso food: El Perrito in Austin.

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El Perrito was established & founded by Ivan Enriquez, who lived in El Paso who moved to Austin back in 2017 for a job in Latino-targeted marketing. In 2019, he bought a trailer & started selling food that was inspired from dishes he made & ate back in El Paso. The main dish sold was drawn from heavy inspiration from eating at Chico's Tacos & they are the "ELP Tacos": a heavy basket of three tightly rolled & fried taquitos, shredded cheese & salsa verde layered on top blended into a tomatillo base.

I know I haven’t posted but it’s because y’all been keeping me slammed I appreciate y’all
5-9 dinner ( if not sold out )
2119 South Congress

Posted by El Perrito on Thursday, April 1, 2021


Another prevalent menu item is the ELP Doggie: a hot dog frank coated with beans in  red enchilada sauce & pickles, between a bisected hamburger bun & smeared with spicy mayonnaise and ketchup.


lunch 12-3 pm
dinner 5-9 pm
2119 South Congress ( next to the old naughty theater )

Posted by El Perrito on Friday, April 2, 2021


When asked about why he created the menu items at El Perrito, Ivan said "It’s the little things that your mom, ama, or abuelita did when cooking your crispy tacos on the comal that El Pasoans love and pay attention to.". So if you're in Austin & want to enjoy El Paso style food, you can always check out El Perrito, 2119 South Congress Ave.

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