This is from Reddit. It’s a pretty simple premise: describe what you do for a living…but describe it as if it were a crime.

I thought this would be a fun assignment for our listeners to do. Post your “Job-as-a-Crime” on this article or on Facebook Or, I you really want to have some fun call and leave a message on our MOSHO Neckline: 844-805-6325. We can play them back and try to guess what kind of no-good you’re up to at your job.

Here are some examples from the Reddit thread:

  • “I help people circumvent copyright. I get them loads of free dvds, books, cds and games. All you have to do is ask and I can probably hook you up with any media that’s come out in the last 100 years for free.”

THE JOB: Librarian

  • “I inject people with a white liquid so other people can cut into them without a fight. Usually, I add a clear liquid so they don’t remember what happened to them.”

THE JOB: Anesthesiologist

  • “I force children to stay in a small room and do work without paying them.”

THE JOB: Teacher

  • “I break the speed limit and disregard traffic signs on my way to break into people’s homes and cause immense water damage. Then, I tear down their ceilings and drywall and leave without cleaning up any of the mess.”

THE JOB: Firefighter

And, this seems to be the most popular answer in the thread “Describe Your Job as if it Were a Crime”.

  • “ I work for Comcast”

THE JOB: Works for Comcast

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