An Arkansas senator is furious at a concert venue in the state for promoting a show coming to town that depicts him in a "wicked and evil" way. Republican Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert has been serving since 2011 and is a big anti-choice supporter. So it's not hard to see why a band playing at the Vino's Pizza-Pub-Brewery has infuriated the senator with their newest show flyer promoting them. The event and flyer, which have both been deleted from Vino's Facebook page, showed a badly photoshopped of the Senator with fangs, eating a picture of a baby. The photo looked terrible and clearly was edited and the Senator wasn't happy about it. He took to his Facebook to blast the band and the venue for putting up the flyer for the show. Senator Rapert also called on people in Arkansas to boycott the venue for allowing the photo to be posted. Here's what the senator had to say about the upcoming concert:

"Friends, I rarely share with you the hateful posts and pictures that extreme liberals make about me to torment my stand for better moral values. But this time I want you to see what they have done. They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me “biting a baby” in my mouth. A wicked and evil depiction on an event entitled “Eyehategod”. I call on Vinos in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives. It is disrespectful of all who value babies lives and people of faith. They also clearly welcome the Satanic Temple in another post I am sharing. I urge you NOT to frequent Vinos and stand against their hateful rhetoric."

The band EyeHateGod didn't seem to mind the senator's words and actually shared his post on their Facebook page. No word yet on whether or not this show is still going to happen, but there are lots of fans of the band that are hoping it is.

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