I'm beginning to think so!

Granted, the refs in the NFL this season are replacements and I'm all for giving the "new guy" a little room until he gets a feel for things.  But this is getting ridiculous.

One ref has been chastized for showing an allegiance to a particular team.  Another remarked to a player during a game that he "needed him to do well" for his fantasy football league.  OK, rookie mistakes that are stupid but ... I guess ... harmless.  Bad calls and mistakes that affect the outcome of the game though; that's different!

I thought I'd give you a couple of examples and then found 28 in one spot for you!

Still not convinced?  Ok, here are 21 more!

These guys SUCK!  It's even throwing the lines in Vegas off as how good a team is can become moot compared to how bad the refs are!  (For example a team favored by 14 points may wind up losing if bad calls wipe out the TDs. Or fouls not called give the underdog team an extra score ... or 2!)

That could be the next betting fad in Vegas!  Laying odds on how many wrong calls will be made versus how many genuine fouls WON'T be called!  :)

Looks like it's going to be a loooong season!  Come out tonight and have fun counting the mistakes at Hooters with Duke Keith and ... of course ... Hooters girls like this one!


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