Earlier this week, the news broke that longtime Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott had left the band. Although Chris Amott had left the band in 2005, only to return in 2007, the news was still a bit shocking for Arch Enemy fans. In a new interview with Christopher’s former bandmate and older brother Michael Amott, the departure of Chris was far from surprising.

Michael Amott gave an inside look into the world of Arch Enemy and the mindset of his brother in an interview with iheartguitarblog.com. “Chris informed us in October last year that he wanted to leave the band. Again,” laughs Michael. “He’s been out of the band, in 2005, 2006, 2007. The first time he quit the band it was more of a shock. But this time it didn’t really have that impact on us. We were half expecting it. He just hasn’t been that happy playing in Arch Enemy for a while, and music is supposed to be fun. The rest of us love it and live for it, and if one guy doesn’t then that kind of affects the whole atmosphere in the camp.”

Very shortly after Chris made his intensions clear, Arch Enemy were quick to recruit Arsis guitarist Nick Cordle to fill the empty spot. “He picked our entire current setlist and went through all the songs,” describes the elder Amott. “He had pretty much everything note-perfect, so it was like, okay, this isn’t going to be that much of a big job for us, to rehearse with somebody, break them in, show them all the fine little details of what we do.The first thing we did on the first day he got here was to run through the whole live setlist and it sounded great. He nailed stuff, didn’t miss any cues. It was great. At that point I felt about five tonnes of stress come off my shoulders!”

Chris Amott has released an official statement regarding his departure from Arch Enemy. “I have left Arch Enemy to pursue my solo career,” explains Chris. “I’m gonna continue to be very active in music, working with all kinds of styles – this does not rule out metal. I have just recorded a new solo album, set to be released in April.”

Arch Enemy are currently amping up for an extensive international tour throughout 2012.

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