Today we celebrate the birthday of awesome guitarist Robert 'Robby' Krieger

Krieger was born January 8th, 1946 in Los Angeles, California. His first exposure to music was mostly classical music. His father was mostly a fan of marching music, so at the age of 10 he tried the trumpet but pretty much realized that it was not his thing. Then he tried playing some blues on his parents piano (we can tell the talent he had back then ... imagine now!) but while attending a private school, during study time at night, he was able to teach himself how to play the guitar ... and what an amazing job did he do on that!!

He began learning Flamenco with a friend's guitar and at 18 he got his own flamenco guitar and took lessons. Basically learned Flamenco, Folk, Blues and Jazz.

When The Doors formed in the 60s along with Jim Morrison, John Densmore and Ray Manzarek, his fingerstyle approach to the electric guitar helped establish the band as a rock band!! Apart from playing the guitar, he also wrote, co-wrote and even sang in some songs.

After The Doors members went pretty much their separate ways in 1973, he formed 'The Butts Band' with Densmore. He recorded a few albums and participated in some other bands, projects and events.

In 1996, he formed another band called the 'Robby Krieger Band' featuring his son Waylon Krieger on guitar. Quite the shoes to fill following on his father's footsteps, as well as quite the amazing teacher to have!

So today, January 8th, we celebrate his 68th birthday! Robby keep on rockin!!!