Resurrection Fest happened this past week in Spain and it had a great lineup: Slayer, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Gojira and Arch Enemy, among others. During the three day festival, over 100,000 people traveled to the region of Lugo in Spain. One of them was a lucky 19 year old crowd surfer named Alex Dominguez.

Videos and pictures of the 19 year old law student have taken the internet by storm and all for the right reasons! Dominguez suffers from Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. That did not stop the metal head from traveling almost 365 miles by bus with his mother, it also didn't stop other attendees from raising Dominguez above the crowd and having him crowd surf during a set from his favorite band, Arch Enemy.


Concert photographer Daniel Cruz got an amazing shot of Dominguez, atop the crowd. Look at the the pure joy in his face, proving to everyone that festivals can totally be accessible to all!

"Tenía esta idea desde hace mucho tiempo de ver a mis grupos favoritos desde ahí arriba. Te sientes como si fueras Dios."

Speaking to the Spanish Huffington Post, Dominguez, who organized the entire trip, says that it was a "dream come true" and that being on top "makes you feel like God."

In the end, Domniguez hopes that he could be an inspiration to other people like him, in a wheelchair, and encourage them to go to concerts and festivals and to fly through the skies.

"Quiero servir de ejemplo para que otra gente como yo, en silla de ruedas, se anime a ir a festivales y conciertos... Y a volar por los aires."

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