Now that September is over we can finally enjoy the newest drink special Applebee's has to offer. Applebee's is always coming up with clever and tasty drinks for their dollar drink specials. For the month of October, they made their dollar drink extra special to mix well with the Halloween spirit. Applebee's unveiled the October $1 drink which is called a Vampire Cocktail. The Vampire Cocktail is a purple looking drink with a cherry placed on top.

The Vampire Cocktail is made with some delicious ingredients making it fruity. It is made with rum, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and strawberry. It wouldn't be called a Vampire Cocktail if it didn't include a pair of vampire's teeth to come with it. This month you can enjoy a Vampire Cocktail and even walk away with a pair of vampire's teeth for a dollar. Halloween is not that far away and this drink will put you in the spirit if you need that kind of pick me up that summer is over.

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