Ordering a sweet, carbonated beverage ... other than a beer and yes, some beers are sweet ... can be done in a number of ways in El Paso.

In some parts of the USA, soft drinks are often referred to as "sodas". In other parts, the term "pop" is used. Still other areas use mini - phrases like soda pop, soft drink or soda water.

Technically, I think soda water is in a category all its own since it isn't really all that sweet and is usually a mixer as opposed to a drink. "Sparkling Water" identifies the sweetened or flavored waters. Just sayin' ...

Getting back to the incredibly important matter at hand, what do you call your favorite drink? I have heard people use different words all over the country.

I thought it was a regional thing but, here in El Paso, I hear 'em all.

I guess the fact that, thanks mostly to the military, we have people here from all over the United States helps explain this.

Not to mention folks from other parts of the world, especially Mexico.

So, along with soda, pop, soda - pop, and "coke", it's also pretty common to hear someone order "una Coca". "Coke" is often used generically to mean any cola, (Coca Cola, Pepsi, RC, whatever) so, I put "una Coca" in this category.

As for myself, I'm specific. "Coke" means Coca Cola and nothing but. When it comes to the other flavors available, other than cola, I think pretty much everybody orders specific brands.

Dr. Pepper, Sprite, 7-Up, Mountain Dew, etc. Being that we're on the Mexican Border, we can't forget Jarritos either.

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