Fall is officially here. Okay, it's been here since the ending of September, but I live in El Paso and fall takes awhile to show itself. For about a week now we've had some chilly temperatures. I know it's chilly because we all finally stopped using the air conditioner and the ceiling fans in our house. Now that Halloween is over and the pumpkin spice crazy dies down, it's time to introduce fall's other best ingredient: Cranberry! (Yes, cranberry is a fall time treat, think cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving!).

With Thanksgiving right around the corner Applebee's has introduced their new Neighborhood Drink of the Month: vodka cranberry lemonade! Look, I love me a vodka cranberry (AKA a cape cod) now add some lemonade and that is a flavor explosion!

As usual, their Neighborhood Drink of the Month is only $1. Every month Applebee's delivers their one dollar Neighborhood drink of the Month, and say what you want about them but they're pretty good. Because they're just a humble dollar, I don't think anybody expects top shelf booze and freshly squeezed juice. If you like a tasty drink and are on a budget, this is perfect. Remember, just because they're a dollar doesn't mean you should go overboard, please drink responsibly.


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