Let me begin by saying something very important: I am not a "Boomer." Despite what the "Millennials" on the show say, I was born WELL past the Boomer era.

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I’m Gen X, Jack!

But, I came across a clickbait article about “Things Only Boomers Thing Are Cool

I’m going to prove, once and for all, I am NOT a Boomer. I’ll go through the list and give you my 100% honest opinion of each thing. If I agree with more than half of them….well, I’m STILL not a Boomer.


Cruise Ship
Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

I only went on 1 cruise and it was with a girlfriend when I was 33. I had a great time. BUT, if I really “loved” it like this entry implies, don’t you think I would’ve gone on a SECOND cruise by now?

SCORE: I’m 0 for 1!


Raquetball and Raquet
Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

I was just bemoaning last week the dearth of places to play Racquetball in El Paso. That is my kind of exercise! Instead of spending an hour climbing a monotonous stair-machine, I’m MUCH rather spend TWO hours playing some freaking racquetball!

SCORE: 1 for 2


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

OK, yes, I did get a pair of Crocs a couple years ago and, yes, they are very convenient to wear, especially around the pool or the patio. But I wouldn’t be SEEN in PUBLIC in them. I think this recognition of the hideousness of Crocs lets me off the hook on this one.

SCORE: So….1 for 3!


Restaurant Chains Applebee's And IHOP To Close Over 100 Stores
Getty Images

Fine. If left to my own devices, I’ll probably suggest Applebees or Chilis over that “cool bistro where they make the awesome shawarma and play trance music and you sit in wicker swingasans.”

SCORE: 2 for 4

RESULTS: I agreed with half of the things Boomers like. But, I said “if I agree with MORE than half”! So, NOT a Boomer. Fact!

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