Think you're pretty cool because you drift rings around everyone else in the Cohen Stadium parking lot, huh? Try this!

Here's one for all the military peeps in the Borderland, especially all you tank drivers! Drifting in tanks looks really fun and, I'm sure, is an absolutely vital part of training. Probably.

I would love to try this myself but, there isn't much chance of that happening because 1) I don't own a tank, 2) I seriously doubt Fort Bliss will lend me one and, 3), we don't exactly have a ton of frozen lakes and ice here in the desert southwest.

Although, when we do get a little snow, the steep part of Stanton can get pretty damn slick. If I can get those issues worked out though, it's on. I'll set up a badass rally course and drift right over all those cute 'lil Hondas.