A lot of El Paso's "Local Locos" have been hitting the road lately. Anybody want to do it on Vinnie Paul's tour bus?

A man I've gotten to know pretty well over the years is selling a tour bus I've also gotten to know pretty well. Vinnie Paul, (Pantera, Rebel Meets Rebel, Damage Plan, Hellyeah), is selling his bands bus so, if you have an extra $45K laying around, check this out:

This is a 1995 Eagle 45', 11 Bunk Tour Bus owned by Vinnie Paul from Pantera/HELLYEAH and purchased from Tim McGraw.

It is powered by a Detroit 60 series motor. Automatic Allison push button transmission with five speed engine retarder. Cummins Onan generator with brand new wiring and electrical boxes.  Five rooftops for a/c and heat throughout. Full size refrigerator, restroom, kitchen with plenty of cabinets and counter space. - ebay

Imagine the stories this thing could tell.  (I could tell a few but, not here...)  Even if you're not in a band, it would be a rockin' way to travel around with the family. Not sure if the fridge comes loaded with Vinnie's favorite (Coors Light) or not but, it always was when I was aboard!