During the pandemic, many El Pasoans began picking up their groceries through curbside service or even had them delivered to their homes. But some still wanted to try and support local small businesses who usually catered to the now-closed restaurants and other local locations. Jurado Fruit Market Store became the place to go during the pandemic for boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables when we were all social distancing.

It was pretty convenient too. You pulled up and sat in your car, picked out what you wanted from their menu and they brought it out to your vehicle and you paid cash on the spot. I bought several boxes for my parents and I so we could be supplied with tons of fresh fruit and vegetables to use in our cooking at home.

Since then, I've been to Jurado a couple times to pick up some more exotic fruits that are harder to find in other stores and also bulk fruits for baking. Now, it looks like I'm going to have to go to another location to grab these necessities.

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The Jurado Fruit Market Store changed their photo on their Facebook page to a picture of a "Closed" sign on October 23rd. I spoke with a member of the Jurado family who confirmed to me that his father had decided to close down his store and sell the building. There's no word on what the new owners will be doing or if they will be opening up another fruit and vegetable store. We're happy for Mr. Jurado and hope he enjoys his retirement.

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