What is going on in El Paso with dog groomers? Just last year we reported on a horrific story about a 16-week-old puppy dying due to injuries suffered at a dog groomers. You can read more about that story by CLICKING HERE. It's apparently happened again. I put apparently because the claim made it's way to FitFam and nothing has been confirmed as of the writing of this article.

Here is the account as posted originally on Facebook (Be warned, it's not an easy read):

Hello fb friends and family, as some of you may know, our dog Athena passed away. I am here today with all the pain in my heart to share her story. Our beautiful girl was taken from us due to the grooming place mili's that failed her, they caused her to have a heat stroke. When Athena got to the groomers at 11:30, they put a mussel on her. When they bathed her, they bathed her with extremely hot water (we got told this by the vet). We don't know what time Athena started to feel bad, they failed to call us and let us know what was going on. My mom got a call from the owner at 5:16pm telling her Athena had gotten a panic attack and that they took her to the Far East animal clinic. Later, I called the clinic asking about her, the lady told me she could only give information to one person, I explained that I was the owner and that the person who took her was the owner's husband from the groomers. Turns out the man who took Athena lied about being her owner, after he declined all services she needed to get admitted and he said he would rather take her to Juarez, the vet tech had to convince him not to take her, she needed medical attention ASAP. Her blood sugar dropped, her heart rate was over 200, and she had a fever of 105.8, she was in horrible condition.

This story is absolutely gut wrenching. It makes me think of the time our dog got out and we went a day without him. Thankfully someone scooped him up because he was down the street from our house and they kept him safe until we were able to go get him. But if I'm being completely honest, if someone were to do anything to one of my dogs, I would have a hard time not retaliating.

Is it possible to just get a decent dog groomer here in El Paso? I hear constant horror stories about how the dogs are treated. Not to say that all groomers in El Paso are bad, but there seems to be a bit of a pattern building here. If you're reading this and you know of a great dog groomer that treats dogs properly, go ahead and comment back on the FB link that sent you here.

Do you need some cut puppy pics to help you get through this horrible story? Well, here ya go...


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