Now that Fall is approaching, and temperatures are freakin' cooling down, it's a great time to go hiking!

There are several areas in and around El Paso to go hiking and experience the beauty of the Borderland.  Did you know the city of the crosses hides a secret waterfall as well as the ruins of an abandoned hotel and a sanatorium?  It's called Dripping Springs and, according to, it:

features a natural waterfall, 1800's hotel ruins, and 1900's Sanatorium ruins. Overall, the trail is very pleasant and scenic as you get closer and closer to the base of the mountains. The way out is a steady, but not too steep climb.

To get to Dripping Springs, from El Paso, head north to Las Cruces. (Which isn't more than an hours drive depending on what part of El Paso you start from.) Once there, take I-25 to Exit 1. From there take University Avenue to Dripping Springs Road and follow it until it ends.

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