El Paso's new arena is a go but, settling on a location for it continues to be an issue.

El Paso's historic landmark commission voted unanimously to recommend that city council reconsider the proposed location. City council wants it by the Convention Center.

Photo, Google Maps via El Paso Herald Post

Another site, proposed by El Paso Herald Post online, suggests an area framed by Cotton, Paisano and Alameda/I-10.

Photo, Google Maps via El Paso Herald Post

There are other areas and suggestions, including an older idea to move the railroad yards farther east, (or to the old Asarco site), opening up that space.

Photo, Google Maps via Scott Lewis

Commissioner Daniel Cary-Whalen said, "the commission can make recommendations to the council, but the council has the final say in its decision-making process." He told the El Paso Times:

“They can do whatever they want.”

That's true and ... for good or bad ... they usually do.