Eva Schloss is a Holocaust survivor and the stepsister of Anne Frank, one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust and diarist. Schloss will be speaking in Las Cruces in March about surviving through the Holocaust. The Holocaust Remembrance Day recently passed and with every passing year, we lose more and more of these brave survivors. Many people worry that the horrors from the Holocaust will be forgotten by the world and the events will become a distant memory. Now is the time to retell their stories so they won't be forgotten by future generations. The Alevy Chabad Jewish Center de Las Cruces is hosting a rare event where people can hear one of the historic survivors from the Holocaust.

Eva Schloss is the stepsister of Anne Frank, the diarist and one of the most discussed victims of the Holocaust. Eva and Anne were close in age and would play together until they and their families went into hiding from the Nazis. Eva's family was captured in 1944 and were sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Eva Schloss and her mother survived, but her father and brother did not. When Eva and her mother returned to the Netherlands, they rekindled their friendship with Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father, who was the lone survivor of his family. Otto Frank tried to find his family but found out the following year that his wife and two daughters all passed away. Anne Frank and Margot Frank were killed in Bergen Belsen concentration camp, while Edith Frank was killed in Auschwitz (Thanks to Charles for the correction!) Eva's mother, Elfriede Geiringer, married Otto Frank later and after Otto died in 1980 Schloss began working to tell her story and keep Anne's story alive.

Eva Schloss will be speaking at New Mexico State University's Theater Arts/ American Southwest Theater Company on Sunday, March 17th. This event is from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.and tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for NMSU students. There are also VIP tickets available for $180 for two tickets and includes and a signed book from Eva Schloss. Tickets are available now through the Alevy Chabad Jewish Center de Las Cruces website. You can also find out more information at the Facebook Event Page.

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