Gender reveals have officially gone too far. People have used fire trucks, police dogs, wild animals, guns, combines, and anything else they can think of. Problem is, the more outlandish and creative the gender reveals become, the more dangerous they get as well. There have been wildfires, car fires, and even a gender explosion that took the life of one woman. Now, a gender reveal in texas even caused a plane crash. When will the madness end?

On September 7th in Turkey, Texas pilot Raj Horan was flying his Air Tractor AT-602 for a gender reveal, according to the National Transportation Safety Board record. The crop-dusting plane was flying at a low altitude, so the pilot could drop 350 gallons of colored water to reveal the gender of a couple's baby. The New York Times reported that the plane was flying to slow and stalled, cause the aircraft to hit the ground and flip over. The plane sustained substantial damage but thankfully the passenger had minor injuries and the pilot was unharmed. In case you were wondering, the plane was carrying pink water, indicating the couple was going to have a baby girl.

Gender reveals have been around since the early 2000s, according to the New York Times. In the beginning, couples would usually get a cake to cut into to reveal a blue or pink interior, representing the sex of the baby. Now, the goal for many couples is to come up with the most over-the-top ideas to "go viral." Hopefully the attempt to go viral doesn't end with more injuries, deaths and property damage. Better to have a healthy family and baby than a wild story about how your friend totaled his plane just so you could find out that you were having a girl.

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