Dear Mr. Abbott,

We have been on a runaway train for a year now. People have argued about how to slow it down for a full year. Over the past month of so, the train has started to slow down and we can almost see where we'll come to a full and complete stop. Once it's stopped, we can all get off and go about our daily lives.

Unfortunately, you've turned Texas into that crazed lunatic on the train who just can't wait to get off. So, rather than waiting patiently with everyone else, we're leaping off while the train is still moving. We could tuck and roll and come out with just a few bumps and bruises. We could also break both legs, arms, and back in the process. What makes this so strange is that the train is actually slowing down. Why are we jumping off now? We've waited a year. Is waiting a few more months really that difficult?

Is this because you don't want people to talk about how Texas' private electrical grid is a bungled mess and people actually died because it failed. No, that can't be it because people will die because of this decision. Unless... hold on... follow me here. Are we just playing the "look over here" game so distract from the state's poor decisions and will continue to come up with poor decision after poor decision to distract from the previous poor decision. I hope this works out and we don't see a spike. But if we do see a spike, what's going to be your next distraction?

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