Sometimes going to the gym and doing the same routine day after day can get boring. But luckily, there is a way you can get a workout in while having fun and making new friends in El Paso.

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If you have enjoyed frisbee throwing in the past and want to get back into it, now is your chance. There is now a local group that meets up to play an ultimate game of frisbee.

EPIC ULTIMATE is how you can get your frisbee fix in the borderland. Plus, the perk about this activity is being able to get your workout in and make new friends.

Also, if you don't get tired out quickly, playing a game of frisbee is lots of fun. Paul Power's YouTube video above shows the "Frisbee Flight" that took place in 2015.

Even though it is just a frisbee game it seems just as intense to watch the players playing the game. So whether you consider yourself a professional or want to try something new, summer registration has begun.

EPIC ULTIMATE is calling all frisbee fanatics in El Paso or Las Cruces to join the team. One thing for sure is that playing frisbee is a fun way of staying active.

Now if you would first like to scope a game out before joining you can check dates and times by clicking here. If you're curious about doing more research just scroll through their Facebook to see what they're all about.

If you're worried about lacking frisbee skills and that you aren't welcome, you're wrong. EPIC ULTIMATE welcomes all skill levels to join the summer league and play Ultimate Frisbee.

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