'90s kids rejoice because it's official that an Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie is happening! Paramount will release the movie with a screenplay written by Gary Dauberman. A quick IMDB search will show you that Dauberman is no newbie to the world of horror. He wrote the screenplay for IT (and is writing the second part) and was the writer for The Conjuring spin-offs Annabelle & Annabelle:Creation, and also wrote the upcoming spin-off The Nun which is in post production. He also wrote this movie called Within which I really enjoyed!

If you don't remember Are You Afraid of the Dark?  Well hop onto an orange couch and let me educate you. The show revolved around a group of teens who called themselves "The Midnight Society" and would meet in a secret location in the woods, gather around a campfire and tell scary stories. My favorite part was always when they would begin their story and they would always say "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society I call this story..." and then they would throw this magic dust into the campfire and the campfire would reveal the name of the story. It was great and I'm very excited to see what Dauberman will come up with in the movie. In the meantime, enjoy the intro to Are You Afraid of the Dark? that was great all on its own!