This song annoys the crap out of me, but this video is awesome!

God bless our troops.  Even under the most trying of times and situations, that American spirit shines through!

A bunch of soldiers remade ... move for move mind you! ... a video done by the Miami Dolphons cheerleaders set to "Call Me Maybe".  Whether you like the song or not ... feel free to let your volume knob do it's job ... you'll enjoy this!! Guys, the chicks are HOT and ladies, there's plenty here for you as well!

Enjoy and please remember to pray for our troops! They may have had some fun doing this video, but they are by no means living a fun life right now.

Keep in mind that many of those who are here in the States still aren't really home.  They may be thousands of miles from family and loved ones.

If you would like to open your home up to a soldier with no family here in the El Paso area, consider adopting a soldier for the holidays.  Click the link or call 568-8815.

To our troops, Happy Holidays ... may you all be home safe, sound and soon!