Leave it to the American Rapper Post Malone as he covered a song from a well-known rock band. He has the same interest in Sublime's music as you and I do.

 Meagan Kelly had her phone ready in hand as he started to play a Sublime song. Although Post Malone covered it with a different beat compared to the original version. His vocals suited this cover "Santeria" from Sublime cohesively! I always enjoy hearing that specific song whether it be the original or a cover. This crowd at Post Malone's concert were least expecting to hear anything but rap. As Post continues to sing you will hear some of the crowd singing along with him. He sure can entertain his audience even when he changes up the genre. Give this version a chance before assuming it won't sound right from a rapper.

It's neat to see a rapper do a complete 180 from rapping to singing a good oldie!