Now seemed like the perfect time to watch this movie again because Hellevator premieres tomorrow on GSN.

I've followed the Twisted Twins since I saw Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and yes, it too is worth watching this Halloween season. One of the best things about the Soska sisters that really sticks out to me, is their overall enthusiasm and joy in what they do. You can see it in any interview they do, interactions with their fans and it shows up in their work. Plus something random, is I love their use of music in their movies. Here's a list of some of their work:

  • Dead Hooker in a Trunk
  • American Mary
  • ABC's of Death (T is for Torture Porn)
  • See No Evil 2
  • Vendetta

They've also worked in the comic world with Secret Wars Journal #5 and their own project Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack. And of course they are behind Hellevator which premieres tomorrow on GSN

There are certain artists that you make a note of when they work on something new, and for me the Soska Sisters are one of them.

American Mary Analysis

  • Jump Factor — 2
  • Gross Out Factor — 6
  • Alcohol Pairing — Red wine, all the way American Mary