Every now and then, someone does a cover version of a song with a cool twist that makes it really stand out. Sometimes people cover a songs in such a weird way that they really stand out. This is one of those.

Sarah Kane is a singer, songwriter, professional makeup artist and a fine artist. She's also a great pianist and, best of all, a heavy metal fan! She's given her special touch to songs by Meshugga, Cannibal Corpse and now, one of my all time favorites, Pantera.

Her version of Cowboys From Hell takes the in your face shredfest and gives it more of a bluesy, almost jazzy kind of feel. I think it's pretty cool but, honestly, no one can ever do it better than Dimebag, Vinnie, Rex and Phil did. They were the masters and the classic "Cowboys From Hell" CD was a benchmark in metal history.

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