Recently found footage shows the guitar legend already tearing it up at a pretty young age!

"Dimebag Darrell" Abbott rose to fame as one of the heaviest axe men ever in the mighty Pantera.

By the age of 18, he was already shredding up a storm on stage. In the early days he, and the rest of Pantera, had a much more typical 80's hair metal look and seeing Dime all "Poison-y" looking is almost as much fun as watching him make that Dean smoke!

Footage of Dimebag darrell performing at age 18
Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Following Pantera, Dimebag made ears bleed with Damageplan and Rebel Meets Rebel ... fronted by outlaw country legend David Allan Coe ... before being brutally murdered on stage during a Damageplan show in 2004.

I wonder if, once Pantera reset the heavy metal "heavy" bar, Dime ever wore that outfit again ...

Maybe on Halloween?

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