Be sad, Be very, very sad. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy recently did a survey of 1000 people that ended up with some results that will make you not only sad for the future, but for the present as well.

Am I the only only one that used to make chocolate milk with Nestle's Quik? Swiss Miss? Okay, maybe I'm not the only one, but apparently almost half the damn country didn't, because they don't know where the Hell chocolate milk comes from. An even more shocking stat? Seven percent of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from BROWN COWS! Seriously, what the f***...

I'm pretty sure if that many people think it comes from brown cows, there are a a least a few thousand, if not tens of thousands of Americans that think chocolate milk comes from the cow's a***. I think if someone is dumb enough to believe this, they should be required to drink what does come from a cow's a**.

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