I thought that the new show "The Voice" would finally get away from the American Idol kinda crapola but except for not seeing the contestants, It's the same old crapola. I won't be watching that show next week. Thank the lord for Deadliest Catch on Tuesdays.

Leave it to Mark Burnett to find a new way to present a singing competition on TV.  The "Survivor" creator is the producer of NBC's buzzed-about new series "The Voice."  On Tuesday's debut, pop's Christina Aguilera, country star Blake Shelton, R&B singer Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 competed with each other for talent.  The all-stars were tasked with recruiting singers to coach.  In one exchange, Shelton battled Green over a singer named Xenia. In the end, Xenia went "a little bit country" and joined Shelton's roster.  That said, Green scored his share of crowd-pleasing crooners -- as did Levine and Aguilera.  The night also featured a familiar face from a singing show on another network.  Frenchie Davis, an ousted contestant from "American Idol," successfully landed a spot as one of Aguilera's "mentees."  The now-31-year-old singer was tossed off "Idol" in its second season after topless photos of her surfaced.  Different show -- apparently different rules.
Over the next few episodes, the coaches will refine their rosters during taped episodes.  After that, look for "The Voice" to go live.  TV personality Carson Daly is the series' host.
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