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If John Lennon had Auditioned for “The Voice” (VIDEO)
I've been saying all along that if some musical legends had had to audition on a reality TV show, they never would have had careers. Sure, 20 year old Elvis Presley would impress judges be they Voice, Idol, Xfactor, or Rock Star: Supernova. But what about Mick Jagger? Would he get a ticket to Hollywood? Would Usher and Adam fight over the vocal talents of Tom Waits? Or Lou Reed? Watch this really
Adam Levine Says He “Hates” America [Video]
Adam Levine got in trouble on Twitter yesterday, after he made a comment on "The Voice" and people took it the wrong way.  It happened on Tuesday night, when two of Adam's last three singers got eliminated.  While he was off camera he said, quote, "I hate this country" . . . talking about the voters who that voted against his team.  And people started acting like he was a TRAIT
All Hope Is Gone
I thought that the new show "The Voice" would finally get away from the American Idol kinda crapola but except for not seeing the contestants, It's the same old crapola. I won't be watching that show next week. Thank the lord for Deadliest Catch on Tuesdays.