**UPDATE** Albertson's will be requiring masks in their stores even after the statewide mandate it lifted. CLICK HERE for more information.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided that now is the time to lift the mask mandate in the state. You know, right when things are starting to look good and the end is near. I like to think of this situation like this. We're on a runaway train speeding down the tracks. This train has been out of control for a full year but recently we've been able to slow the train down and we know the end is near. The train will eventually slow down to a stop. But that's not fast enough for Texas. Hell no! We want off now! So rather than wait for the train to come to a full and complete stop, we're willing to just jump off now, no matter how fast the train is still going. Well, we could break a leg, an arm, our back, or even die because the train still isn't completely stopped. But hey! We're Texas! Yeehaw!! Am I right?!

I was talking to my wife about this and we both came to the same conclusion. We're still only going to go where masks are mandated. This means that Albertson's is out. Does this mean I'm completely done with Albertson's forever? No. Once I feel safe, I'll go there. But for now, I'm only going places that require masks. The COVID numbers are down, but they aren't at zero. There is still a risk of a COVID spike.

Albertson's spokesperson Nancy Keane says that once Texas lifts the mask mandate on March 10th, the grocery store will lift their mask mandate as well.

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