Beloved Texas cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse has launched its own video-on-demand service called Alamo On Demand. Many businesses are having to change the way they are accessible to their customers due to the novel coronavirus. In-person interactions are now minimal, and many businesses are turning to online platforms to continue being available. There has also been a strong push for people to shop at small businesses and to shop local for their needs. Alamo Drafthouse isn't technically a "small" business but being out of Texas I'll count this as local.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema launched Alamo On Demand, its own video-on-demand service. The service will be adding apps for Apple and Andriod products soon. The new service will throw the company's hat into the ring with the growing number of streaming and on-demand services out there. This will also be beneficial to Alamo since most Americans are not sheltering-at-home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rentals will be available on Alamo On Demand as low as $2.99 and movies are available for purchase as well. Some of the new releases available for purchase and to rent include Academy Award-winning "Parasite," the comedy-horror "Porno," and the drama "Arkansas."  The service also offers Alamo Six Packs, a bundle of movies curated by Alamo and built on a theme. Some of the Six Packs include:

  • Comedy Six Pack- "Big Man Japan", "Bad Black", "Men and Chicken," "Butt Boy, Exra Ordinary, and "Klown"
  • Puke and Explode Six Pack- "Rabid," "Ninja Zombie," "Robowar," "Demon Wind," "Zombie 3," and "The Visitor"

The Alamo Six Packs are available to purchase or to rent. Check out Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's new service on the new Alamo On Demand website.

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