Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been struggling to get their customers back through their doors and spending their cash. One of the hardest-hit industries is the movie and entertainment business. Many movie theater chains were hoping the return of big blockbuster films would entice movie fans to come back to theaters, but sadly, we haven't seen that happen yet. The biggest movie to premiere has been Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" back at the beginning of September. The movie was supposed to kick-off the return of films to theaters but due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, people are still wary of sitting in a theater with strangers for 2-3 hours.

This week, the financial effects are being seen more than ever, as Regal Cinemas said they would close theaters in the US and the UK due to COVID-19 cases rising in both countries. Considering we're also about to hit flu season, the news wasn't surprising. Now, we're hearing another theater chain will be closing some theaters due to the lack of big blockbuster movies being released.

Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse announced this week they would be closing the remaining theaters they have open in North Texas. The theater and restaurant chain had already closed 4 out of the 6 locations in that area three weeks ago. Now, the CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema North Texas Bill DiGaetano says the remaining two theaters will close so they can conserve resources:

"This is a terribly difficult and disappointing decision, but we’re hopeful that by pausing now, we’ll be able to reopen all six of our DFW franchise locations once a steady stream of new releases resumes."

Thankfully for those in the Borderland, the El Paso Alamo Drafthouse will not close and is still operating and showing classic films and new releases. As many new releases that are still being released. While the news is disappointing, it isn't surprising. Just this week, the new James Bond film and the remake of Dune have been pushed back to 2021.

If you need to get your Alamo Drafthouse fix but are socially distancing at home, you can check out their Video-On-Demand service. The service allows you to view their indie and cult classic films the theater chain is known for playing at their theaters.

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