The Ministry frontman who has made El Paso his home for over a decade recently made the decision to move to L.A. However, in a sign of his affection for the Sun City, he’s doing a kind of whirlwind farewell tour. He did the weather on KVIA last week, we hear he’s throwing the first pitch at a Chihuahua’s game on Thursday AND, he’ll be coming by the Morning Show to say goodbye to his fans on the KLAQ Morning Show.  Al was supposed to stop by on Tuesday, but unfortunately caught a bug that delayed his visit. He says he hopes to stop by on Wednesday or Thursday.

When Al does come in, we’ll ask him about the end of Ministry, his hatred of touring, and what he’ll miss most about El Paso.

Glenn Garza recently wrote about him and had this to say," Ministry is back together and ready to hit the road!  Frontman/founder and longtime El Paso resident, Al Jourgenson recently made a guest appearance on KVIA to discuss the upcoming tour and his other plans.  During his visit to the El Paso ABC affiliate, Al also 'fessed up to a secret wish.

Al has lived a life filled with drug and alcohol issues, (those days are over now!) wild times and enough insanity to cripple a normal human.  So what could a maniac like him secretly wish for?  It isn't really all that strange of a dream.  When I was a kid, I thought it would be cool.  I bet you did to!

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Al wants to be a weatherman!

A wish the nice folks at KVIA were more than happy to help him with.

Check out the vid below and watch for Ministry to hit a venue near you soon.  Your town may be cool enough for a Ministry gig, but I bet you can't get Al to do your weather!"