It's time for another 'Am I the A-Hole?' There are 5 different options for how to judge the situation.

  • YTA - You're the a-hole
  • NTA - Not the a-hole (but the other person is)
  • ESH - Everyone sucks here
  • NAH - No a-holes here
  • INFO - Not enough info

So I don’t track my wife’s period but I’ve been with her long enough to get a sense of where it falls every month. She keeps them in the cabinet with the toilet paper, and I saw she only had one left.

So when I went shopping today I picked up a package because her period is “coming up”. Figured I’d be nice. Anyway when I got home and she saw them she got upset and said it was weird that I did it on my own and kind of creepy.

Is this something men just aren’t supposed to do? I didn’t do it with any previous girlfriends but I also didn’t live with my previous girlfriends for 8 years. AITA?

We discussed this on the air the consensus was the husband was not the a-hole, but the wife was.

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