Next week, Airway will be as jacked up as every other road in El Paso as work begins on a new art project.

Another art project to beautify the area around the El Paso International Airport will start on Monday. All next week, the northbound lanes of Airway will be closed from 7:00PM until 4:00AM from Boeing Drive to Convair.  The project will illuminate the underside of the overpass in that area.

Bill FitzGibbons is the artist that came up with this project which he calls "El Paso Passage". FitzGibbons is a San Antonio resident who was once named the Official State Artist of Texas. (This was back in 2012.) He has done "light sculpture" projects in the United States, including once lighting up The Alamo, as well as in other countries.

The construction and light sculpture ... and the over $200 thousand cost ... falls under the El Paso International Airport's Landscape Improvement Project.