Single parents have it tough trying to make a living and keep your mini version of you well taken care of. I am so grateful for my family that continues to help me out with my son when I am working. But I know there’s a lot of single parents out there that don’t really have a support system as I do. Living in Texas alone should help ease your stress about not having a support system as others have. Which surprises me to see Texas didn’t really rank in good standing in Wallet Hub’s best states for working moms. Living in Texas isn’t as high as living in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City. Now as far as being a parent and trying to balance bills, putting food on the table, and family outings are stressful. Luckily, living in El Paso is already a helping hand to single parents in need. El Paso always has family activities that happen quite often that are free or non-expensive. The times my son and I had financial struggles, we relied on the splash parks for some fun in the sun. If you can’t afford to pay up, no need to worry since you can still have fun! El Paso has a ton of splash parks scattered all over the city for your children. If you prefer to go swimming that doesn’t demand a contract for a membership, Wet N’ Wild is your best bet. There are also resources you can ask for assistance if you need help putting food on the table. There’s also a center that you can eat a home cooked meal and pay what you can afford to pay. Texas is a great state for single parents in my opinion because of the assistance and activities our state has to offer.

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